Yes, we do prefer you make an appointment as not all Bra Fitters in the store have completed their Post Mastectomy training and you do need to work with a “Certified Amoena Breast Form Fitter”. So please call ahead of time to be sure when you arrive at the store there is one of our 5 Mastectomy Fitters on site.


Amoena brings over 30 years of experience to women everywhere. As the worldwide leader of post-breast surgery products, Amoena was the first to bring women revolutionary breast form innovations. We are very pleased at The Swimwear Hut to offer such good, quality products to women everywhere following breast surgery and provide better quality of life restoring a positive body image full of confidence and self-esteem. You ARE beautiful……and only deserve the best!

The creation of a breast form combines art with science. Particular attention is paid to fullness of shape, thinness of edges, and adaptability to the newest surgical techniques. Anatomical correctness and wearer comfort are the end result of each design.

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Each breast form is made using computer-aided design technology to generate precise three-dimensional patterns for an entire size range of that design. The unique silicone in each Amoena Breast Form is custom-blended at the point of manufacture and constantly monitored to assure that every size in every style will maintain its distinctive, pre-determined degree of softness.

Amoena quality control procedures assure that each form will look and feel natural and comfortable. Their design process continually advances as our research and development engineer’s keeps up with new surgical trends and the latest manufacturing and design applications.

After surgery, you will have a wide range of products and breast forms to choose from. We will educate you to ensure you have a clear understanding on different breast form benefits and how a breast form can enable you to return to your everyday life activities.

Today’s Breast Forms provide remarkable fit and come as close to replacing a women’s natural breast as possible. There are two main shapes of breast forms - Symmetrical and Asymmetrical.

Asymmetrical Breast Forms are side Specific fitting the right or the left side specifically.
Symmetrical Breast Forms are universal. They are Not side specific and can be worn on either the right or left side.


Here at The Swimwear Hut we want all women to feel Feminine, fashionable and natural – especially post surgery. Amoena bras provide all women a natural feeling of well being, enabling you to feel feminine again! Amoenas line of bras offer the perfect combination of Comfort and Design with a cut specially developed to ensure reliable comfort and a pocket to securely hold a breast form in place. All Amoena Bras offer the perfect solution for every occasion - classically feminine, elegant, modern and sporty!


Contour Cups (or lightly lined) - Aids in figure definition for smaller busts or in between cup sizes due to the lightweight, minimum fiber-lined cup.

Padded Cups - Adds to the dimension of the bust. Fiberfill material is used throughout the entire cup.

Underwire Bras - Underwire Bras provide heavier busts support and comfort without the pulling or tugging at the shoulder. For smaller breasts, the underwire provides projection and definition. As long as there is no pressure from the underwire on soft breast tissue and you are fitted properly, breast surgery does not preclude a woman from wearing an underwire bra.

Seamless Cups - Seamless Bras eliminate lines under sweaters and blouses and gives a natural look to the bust.

Front Closure Bras - Provides ease and comfort. Ideal if you have limited mobility or arthritic conditions. These bras usually still have fit adjustments at the back if needed to keep the bra fitted correctly.

Minimizer - Designed to de-emphasize the bust line for those who are full-busted. Redistributes breast tissue to give a smaller, but smother natural look.

Sports Bras - Provides extra support during sports activities!



Breast conserving surgeries, also known as lumpectomy or partial mastectomy, account for more than half of all the breast cancer surgeries performed each year. This surgery involves the removal of a lump along with a margin of normal breast tissue.


  • To regain symmetry after breast conserving surgery and / or treatment
  • To balance naturally uneven breasts
  • When plastic surgery is not an option because of irradiated skin.
  • As an enhancer during reconstruction (expander phase)
  • To adjust for weight gain or loss after reconstruction and or treatments.
  • To offset imbalance that results from the natural aging process.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment please email or call the store at 902-678-7946 or Toll Free at 1-866-790-7946.


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