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We understand that being diagnosed with Breast Cancer is very scary and that individual reactions to a cancer diagnosis can vary. Here at The Swimwear Hut if we can help out and make the healing process a bit better and offer our support that is what we are here for. We carry AMOENA Breast Forms, Swim Forms and Bras in stock. We have a beautiful dressing room that provides everything so all sessions are confidential, private and in a comfortable setting.

We have 6 Amoena Mastectomy Certified Fitters here at The Swimwear Hut who have participated in and successfully completed their "Canadian Amoena Fitter Association School" course and training. Each certified staff member has the knowledge and expertise to properly fit ladies post surgery with Breast Forms, Bras and Accessories in a comfortable setting.

We work with you one on one and are also a MEDAVIE BLUE CROSS and MSI Provider and do Direct Billing right on site.   

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Also see our Post Mastectomy / Maternity section.
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      Breast Forms Support at The Swimwear Hut - New Minas
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Amoena Essential
Swimform Description: Clear silicone form with a hollow, concave back allows water to flow through and the form to retain its shape in and out of the water. Size: 0 - 10Versatile symmetric shape can be worn on either side of the body. Should be worn in a pocketed swimsuit.
Soft Cleanser Description: For use in daily cleansing of Amoena breast forms. Size: 150 ml Designed specifically for use with our Contact breast forms, the Amoena Soft Cleanser does not contain any greasy substances, will not damage the breast form and cleans exceptionally well.

watch how a breast form is made [ video to the left ]

Canadian Amoena Fitter Association School Certified

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