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Welcome!!! Having a Bra Fitting is easy, comfortable and sooooo rewarding!!! With over 85% of women wearing the wrong bra size – don’t be a statistic!! Here are some frequently asked questions you may have before coming in.

Do I need to make an appointment?
No, we always have a MANU Certified Bra Fitter on site.

Is there a charge for Bra Fitting?
No, there is no charge!

What can I expect when being Professionally Fitted?
First of all – WELCOME!! This is the beginning to the most comfortable years of your life!! Your bras and lingerie are THE FOUNDATION to your wardrobe…..so just think how your clothes are going to fit and how you will feel with a new, perfect fitting bra on!

You wear your bra when being fitted. Although if you are more comfortable with a thin T-shirt on to cover up more that is no problem at all! We can work with that. What we need to focus on as Fitters is trying to measure you as close to your breast tissue as possible to get the most accurate measurements. We will ask you a few questions about your current bra size, what styles you have been wearing, what has worked for you, what hasn’t and what specifically are you shopping for today. An everyday bra? Special Occasion?, etc. We want to connect with YOU, find YOUR style while at the same time - "with the correct bra size and fit!!”

Once we measure you we will let you know what your Bra Size is………and then we go from there! We now have a starting point and can begin trying on different bras and styles. We will go and pick out a selection of bras that we feel are a good choice for you and will be the right size. We always knock on the door before entering the dressing room so you are never taken by surprise. We then leave while you try the bras on and then come back in to check the fitting when you are ready. (Although if you prefer we don’t come in at all that is fine as well. It’s just that if we are going to properly fit you we need to see the bra on). It’s whatever you feel most comfortable with.

We will educate you on so many new things so you are empowered with the knowledge to shop for bras in the future! And that’s it!! And with sizes AA – N in stock and over 700 different styles…….we do have a bra for you! Many women are shocked by their new found Bra Size…..but things are different now on how you are measured and being an E or F cup is actually quite common as we have really learned to customize the scale so that we can give you the exact best fit.

Can I bring a friend with me when I get fitted?
Sure!!! We have a comfortable sitting area for any friends or family that aren’t shopping and just want to come along. Although shopping solo sometimes help to keep you focused and fully concentrate on bra knowledge.

How often should I be properly fitted again?
Your body is developing and changing quickly, and breasts grow at completely different rates for everyone. You should be properly measured and fitted again at least once a year. Especially if you have been pregnant, nursing or have gained / lost 5 – 7 lbs as this can affect your bra size.

Do I really need to wear an Underwire Bra?
Any woman with an E cup or larger should probably be wearing an under-wire for support. ALTHOUGH……this does not mean there are no options for you from E – N cup in Non-Underwire. We still have a great selection of bras in non-underwire in larger cups. So no worries…..if that is what you are looking for we can assist you. We don’t want to put you in something you won’t feel comfortable in.

I am an "A" cup. Do I really need to wear a bra?
Yes. Often, small-breasted women will wear an undershirt and / or no bra. Neither choice does anything to enhance their look. What A-cups need most is “definition”. A bra with light foam padding or fiberfill will add natural-looking shape and even create some cleavage. And if you're not interested in cleavage or enhanced shape, even A-cups need tissue and muscle support. Our #1 seller in A cup is the Calvin Klein “Seductive Comfort – Customized Lift” bra!! Women LOVE this bra, as they feel beautiful, feminine in a smooth chic silhouette! And did I mention it comes in so many great colors and prints!!!

How do you keep up to date and current in the industry?
We travel at least every six months attending new Lingerie shows and meeting with new designers and reps to keep current in the industry. We listen to our customers and learn so much from working with them every day so when we are at Lingerie Shows we can pick up new items that we know our customers may be interested in as well as give the Designers our feedback from customers.


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