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Speedo® Aquabeat®
Waterproof MP3 Player (1GB)

* 1GB (up to 250 MP3 and 500 WMA files)
* Playtime up to 9 hours.
* Available in 3 colors.
* Weight 35g.
* Waterproof compact design
(can be used safely down to 3 meters).
* Waterproof earplugs.
* Floats for easy retrieval.
* Ergonomic buttons allow ease of use while swimming.
* Comes with Playlist Editing Software that enables quick and easy adding and sorting of music files.
* Easily recharges through PC or laptop through USB port.
* Compact earphone cord for easy wear
# OS001
# OS002
# OS003
Speedo® Aquabeat® MP3 Player
TYR: Stationary Swim Belt
Streamline Fitness Board

# OS001-12
# OS004
# OS005
# OS006
Aquatic Fitness Glove
Aquatic Hand Buoys
Flotation Belt

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