Swim Teams

Are you part of a Nova Scotia Swim Team?

If so, then you will Receive 10% off Competition Suits and Accessories!!!

All you need to do is register in store and then each time you are in you receive 10% off
* For as long as you are still on the Team.

This allows us to support ALL Swim Teams within our province! The discount does not include already reduced suits or accessories, and the discount is for the individual Team Member only.

Swim Team orders welcome !

If you would like to put in an order for your swim team please contact us by email or call the store. In some cases if you have 60 or more members on your swim team we are able to give a higher volume discount. We order primarily from Speedo and TYR in high volume.


Nova Scotia Swim Teams Save 10% off at the Swimwear Hut New Minas

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